Titan Heated Grips

$ 139.95


Titan Heated Grips

Our Titan heated grips are perfect to warm you up with their 5 level heating function on your custom bike or cruiser. The external controller with a 5 color LED display will enhance the visual look of these heated grips and will allow you to quickly know in which heat level the grips are set. It will also give you the opportunity to easily adjust the temperature level without removing your hands from the handlebar for a safer ride.

In order to get enough power to start your engine, our new technology with ‘’Low voltage warning’’ will automatically turn off the heated grips in case the voltage goes under 12 V. Also, the ‘’Short circuit protection’’ will help avoid damages to the control by cutting off power to the grips in case of short circuit. Available in chrome or black finish.

*Fits on cruiser motorcycles

  • 5 level temperature controller allows you to adjust the temperature to desired comfort level
  • Made of plated aluminium and special rubber material that is resistant to outdoor conditions and elevated temperatures
  • Thin and flexible silicone wires make them easy to install
  • Provides “short circuit protection” and “low voltage protection” technologies
  • Internal memory that allows the grips to stay at previous warmth level