XR-01 | Speedometer (Off-Road version)

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$154.95 CAD

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XR-01 Speedometer

Thinner and lighter than its previous version, the XR‑S, our innovative XR‑01 Speedometer features most importantly a larger, higher quality, and easy to read LCD display. New interesting functions were added such as a 2 hour meter readings, a maintenance hour meter for oil change, 2 trip meter readings, and a useful clock. This meter is simple, user-friendly, and easy to read during day or night riding. The XR‑01 meter is a great fit for any kind of motorcycle, scooter, ATV and more!

Speedometer Display range : 0-225 MPH / 0-360 km/h
Display unit : MPH or km/h
Odometer Display range : 0-99999 km / miles
Reset automatically
Trip meter A/B Display range : 0 – 9999,9 km / miles
Total trip meter Reset automatically after 99999km / mile
Maintenance Trip meter for oil change (with oil symbol)
Total hours Reset automatically after 99999
Hour meter A/B Display range : 0 – 9999,9
Volt meter Display range : DC8.0~18.0V
Flashing warning when voltage is lower than 11.5V or higher than 15.5V
Backlight brightness Setting range : 5 segments
Clock 12 / 24 H
Tire circumference Setting range : 300 – 2500 mm
Fuel meter Setting range : 100Ω / 250Ω / 510Ω
Sensor type Passive speed sensor : BF019J06

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