X-2 | Boost Gauge | with Wideband Air/fuel Ratio & Temperature

$674.95 CAD

$674.95 CAD

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X-2 Boost Gauge with Wideband Air/fuel Ratio & Temperature

This X-2 Boost Gauge is a great tool for all horsepower enthusiast that are upgrading their engine with Turbo or Supercharger. Following many requests, we came up with a unit that combines Boost, air/fuel ratio and a temperature function who can be installed on the cooling system or the intercooler. This gauge is made to resist cold temperature, water or dust. It can be easily adapt to any engines with turbo or supercharger. The X-2 boost gauge will give you precious information to help you pull out more horsepower out of the engine or save it from bad damages.

* Compatible with 2 stroke or 4 stroke engines
* ”2 stroke adaptor” #BG001855 is mandatory when use on a 2 stroke application
* Requires a 12 volts DC battery absolutely (will not function with our AC/DC converter)


Boost display scale 15 or 30 psi
Display internal 0.5 psi
Peak recall For positive or negative psi
Settable Warning 1 psi to 30 psi
Temperature function range 32ºF to 392ºF (0º to 200ºC)
Alternative function ºC or ºF
Air/fuel ratio display range 10.0 to 24.0
Over Lean setting 14.8 to 24
Over Rich setting 14.6 to 10
Warning function Screen changes from blue to amber
Power required DC 12 V
Waterproof JIS D 0203S2
Meter size (W x L x H) 100 x 60 x 25 mm
Meter Weight ±200g
Sensors type Boost sensor : BF521000
A/F Ratio sensor :  28-BOSCH
Temperature sensor : BF030000
Wire length Standard : ±5’6”
Longer wire :±11′

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