TNT-01R | Tachometer – 10 000 RPM | with Shift Light (black/black)

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$229.95 CAD

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TNT-01R Tachometer – 10 000 RPM – with Shift Light

Built with the best components and strongest stepper motor on the market, this TNT-01R Tachometer is the perfect addition for all motorcycles. Its large dial face and backlight make it easy to read all day and night. Available in black casing or chrome casing.

Tachometer Display range: 0~10,000 RPM
Display internal < 0.5 Second
RPM input signal number setting Setting range 0.5, 1~6
RPM input pulse Setting range Hi (positive wave pulse)
Lo (negative wave pulse)
Backlight Brightness Right Setting range 5 different levels available
Setting unit: Each level represent 20%
Shift light Setting range: 0~10,000 RPM
Setting unit: 500 RPM
Warning Light on Flash
Effective voltage DC 9~12 V
Effective temperature range -10~ 60°C (14 ~ 140°F)
Meter standard JIS D 0203 S2
Meter size (W x L x H) 86.5 x 79.5 X 41.1 mm
Meter weight ±127.3 g
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