TITAN-X | Heated Grips for Harley-Davidson

$269.95 CAD


Titan-X Heated Grips for Harley-Davidson®

Our Titan-X heated grips feature an integrated 5 temperature level thumb switch which provides riders the ability to easily change the temperature of the grips without removing their hands from the handlebars. In effect, this will permit the rider to better focus on the road resulting in a safer ride.

The 5 color LED display allows to visually see which temperature setting is currently being used. The Titan-X grips also feature a low battery voltage protection, meaning that in the case the battery voltage becomes low the Titan-X grips will automatically shut off in order to preserve battery power.

Finished are the days of searching around for a dial or button to turn on heated grips. Power on and adjust the temperature of the Titan-X heated grips with our innovative thumb switch design. Made of aluminium and high quality soft to the touch rubber, these heated grips are offered in a chrome of black finish. These grips will take the love for your Harley to the next level.

* Fits 1” + 1” handlebar


  • Integrated temperature level thumb switch
  • Fitment designed exclusively for Harley models allowing for a quick and simple installation
  • 5 temperature levels to choose from
  • 5 color LED indicator to display which temperature setting you currently are in
  • Low battery voltage protection

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