THUNDERBOLT | LED Headlight (LN-02)


This Thunderbolt LED headlight has been used on a bike for a video shoot and a photo shoot it was connected to a 12v controlled power source and was not taken outside. The plastic protection was removed as shown in the pictures.

Like NEW – conditions

  • Used in a Koso display for couple of hours.
  • A single unit is available.
  • 1 year warranty.

A brighter headlight means more security, this is the reason why Koso decided to release its new Thunderbolt LED headlight. This headlight features a light weight but durable aluminium housing and is one of the only headlights on the market today to be produced using CNC technology. This headlight is universal meaning it can fit virtually any bike and is also DOT certified.


  • Class D brightness level
  • Brightness:
    • Low beam : 1058 lumens
    • High beam : 813 lumens
  • Built in CNC made housing allowing easy installation
  • * E‑mark and DOT compliant

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