MINI4 IFR | Infrared tire temperature meter with sensor

The infrared tire temperature meter by Koso has been designed to provide critical tire surface temperature readings. This device is a great tool for monitoring your tire temperature and manage your next session/race for a better tire wear. The sensor features a 10° field of view measuring temperatures up to 735°F. It can be use to monitor many other applications: brakes temp, shocks temps, transmission temp, etc.

(R= Range U=Unit)

  • Dimmable back light
  • Programmable warning light
  • Volt meter
  • 10° angle sensor
  • Maximum recall
  • Sensor operating temperature
    -40 ~ 255 °F (‑40 ~ 125 °C)
  • Sensor temperature range
    up to 715 °F ( 380 °C)
  • Meter operating temperature
    -14 ~ 140 °F (‑10 ~ 60 °C)
  • Effective voltage
    DC 12 V

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