Mini Style Engine Hour Meter

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This Mini Style Engine Hour Meter is the best tool for the maintenance of your engine. This unit tells how many hours the engine has run. It gives precious time informations so you could determine when to do the oil changes, or when to rebuild the engine for race motors. With the total memory time and the two resettable time it makes it easy to work with.


(R= Range U=Unit)

  • Display Range : 0 ~ 99999 H
  • Display unit : 1H
  • Record unit : 1S
  • Hour Meter A.B (Resettable)
  • Display Range : 0 ~ 999.9 H
  • Display unit : 0.1H (6M)
    The meter will start to operate automatically after you start your engine and record the time after 1 second.
  • Battery life time ±180 days (24H/day)
    Auto sleep mode The meter will enter the auto-sleep mode when the signal input stops over 30 secondes.
  • The sensor wiring lenght ±120cm
  • Meter size (WxLxH) 61.5 x 33.7 x 15.6mm

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