MINI 3 | Oil Pressure Meter

The Mini 3 oil pressure meter is a must for all applications. Its reading can help you avoid major mechanical problems. If the pressure goes down, that can indicate a leak in the system or a malfunction of the engine. Also, if you ride your bike at a high RPM range, the pressure meter can help you understand if the oil lubricates the engine properly.

 Specifications (R= Range U=Unit)

  • Oil pressure meter
    R: 0 ~ 100 PSI (0 ~ 7 kgf/cm3)
    U: 0.1 PSI (kgf/cm3)
  • Oil pressure warning
    Flashing light when ≤ setting value
  • Power
    DC 12V

  • Effective temperature range
    14 ~ 140 °F (‑10 ~ 60 °C)
  • Meter standard
    JIS D 0203 S2
  • Meter size
    (W x L x H) 60 x 30 x 11.5 mm
  • Meter weight
    ±22 g

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