Mini 3 | Dual Temperature Meter

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$154.95 CAD

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Mini 3 Dual Temperature Meter

The Mini 3 Dual Temperature Meter has been developed with the best components and latest technology. This compact and lightweight instrument features two temperature outputs. This meter can give you precious information on the engine temperature or even give you the ambient temperature.


Thermometer A, B Display range : 0~120°C (32~248°F)
Display unit : 0.1°C (°F)
Temperature Warning When the temperature is over 120°C (248°F) the meter will flash to warn you
Effective Voltage DC 12V
Meter standard JIS D 0203 S2
Meter size (W x L x H) 60 x 30 x 11.5 mm
Meter weight ±22g
Sensor type Temperature sensor : BF030125 1/8(BSP) x 28