MINI 3 | Air/Fuel Ratio for Honda Grom®

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$139.95 CAD

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Mini 3 Air/Fuel Ratio for Honda GROM®

Our Mini 3 Air/Fuel Ratio for Honda GROM® is designed to assist you to tune properly your engine and help you avoid engine problems. Just connect the meter to the 12v.DC power source and plug it to your OEM oxygen sensor and you’re ready to go!

*Fits only Honda GROM®

A/F ratio Display range: 12.2~17.2
Display unit: 0.1

  • The A/F ratio is higher than 17.2,
    display will show -L-
  • The A/F ratio is lower than 12.2,
    display will show -A-
Effective voltage DC 12V
Meter standard JIS D 0203 S2
Meter size (WxLxH) 60 x 30 x 11.5mm
Meter weight


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