KSR | Carburator 34mm

The KSR carburetor features a semi-flat D-style throttle valve that increase the fuel flow for a better throttle reaction. It also reduces the incomplete combustion phenomenon, and therefore improve the combustion efficiency. Available in 4 different sizes and easy to install and adjust, this carburetor will allow you to set-up the ideal air/fuel ratio for a better performance.

*Cannot be sold in California

California law does allow marketing and sale of an aftermarket performance part after an evaluation by CARB to ensure the part does not raise emissions. Once CARB approves the part, it is granted an executive order that allows the sale and installation of the part on pollution-controlled vehicles. State law also requires manufacturers, retailers, and distributors to take steps to ensure that consumers understand the legality of parts offered for sale and to discourage illegal modifications to vehicles.


*Fits only 4 stroke engine.


Air adjust screw1 1/21 1/21 1/21 1/2
Slow jet#40#38#42#40
Jet needle setting3333
Jet needleJJJJ
Main jet#100#122#122#122
Power jet#30#30#30#30

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