HD-01S | Speedometer | for Harley-Davidson® (km/h)

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$229.95 CAD $229.95 CAD

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HD-01S Speedometer for Harley-Davidson® (km/h)

With its illuminated needle, this HD-01S Speedometer for Harley-Davidson® is easy to read at night. To make the needle stable, we use a stepper motor on all our meter’s needle.

The odometer and trip meter in the digital screen give precisely the mileage. This instrument will fit the OEM speed sensor. Want something different? This is the right meter.

Available only for metric system.

*Will not work with ‘‘CANBUS’’ systems
*Speed sensor not included

Speedometer Display Range: 0~220 km/h
Odometer Displayed Unit 5 Km/h
Trip Meter Display Range: 0~999.9 km/h
Will not work with ”CANBUS” systems

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