DL-01T | Water temperature meter

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$179.95 CAD

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DL-01T Temperature meter

The DL-01T Temperature meter is a nice backlighted instrument that will warn you before your engine becomes too hot. The LCD can be displayed in ºC or ºF degrees. The temperature large digits bar makes it easy to read at high speed.

Bar display Display range : 0~250°C (32~500°F)
Display unit : ±10°C (20°F) per segment
LCD display Display range : 0~250°C (32~500°F)
Over temperature display range will display
Display unit °C / °F switchable
Warning Display range : 60~250°C (140~482°F) adjustable
Meter standard JIS D 0203
Meter size D48 x 52 mm
Meter weight ±117g

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