Great gift Ideas

Sometimes, it’s hard to know what our bikers want, this year, surprise them with items on this gifts list!

Here’s some awesome gift ideas for the holidays!

Infinity LED Indicator Lights

The Infinity dual hi‑power LED are not only a matter of look… but also a matter of safety. And Look. But safety too. Great gift idea!  More info.

Infinity LED indicator Koso

Titan-X Heated Grips for Harley-Davidson®

For those Harley Lovers, finished are the days of searching around for a dial or button to turn on heated grips. Power on and adjust the temperature of the Titan-X heated grips with our innovative thumb switch design. Made of aluminium and high quality soft to the touch rubber, these heated grips are offered in a chrome of black finish. That gift idea will take the love for your Harley to the next level. More info.

Titan-X Heated grips Harley Davidson Koso

HD-05 Meter for Harley Davidson®

The all‑new 100% plug and play HD‑05 series for 4 ½” gas tank mounted Harley‑Davidson® models features a tach and speedo combo with a programmable shift light with gear indicator. More info.

HD-05 Meter Harley davidson Koso

TNT-B meter for Yamaha Bolt®

Yamaha Bolt® enthusiasts riders can now customize their motorcycle with our high‑quality plug & play TNT-B meter. We can never get enough of colors on our meters ! More info.

TNT-B meters yamaha bolt Koso

Super Slim Style Clock & Volt Meter

This ultrathin Super Slim Style Clock & Volt Meter with blue digits will flash to warn you if the voltage is higher than 14.0 volts or lower than 11.0 volts DC.  It’s a good way to be sure your biker will come home just in time to that program with you ! More info.

Super slim style Koso Meter

Apollo Heated Grips 7/8″ + 7/8″ Handlebar for Snowmobile and ATV

Let’s feel fancy this time of year with Koso heated grips ! The color on the handle let you see which temperature setting is on, what a time to be alive ! More info.

Apollo Heated grips Koso


Aurora LED Fog Lights

Holidays don’t always mean good weather, that’s why we recommend the Aurora LED Fog Light ! Be sure to keep your favorite biker safe ! More info.

Aurora LED Fog light Koso



Thunderbolt LED Headlight

A brighter headlight means more security. This headlight features a light weight but durable aluminium housing and is one of the only headlights on the market today to be produced using CNC technology. More info.

Thunderbolt LED Headlight Koso