Speed accuracy/no display problem

  • The negative pole of the magnet must face the speed sensor (negative side is identified by the letter ‘’N’’ or by a ‘’red trace’’ – if unable to determine, please refer to FAQ – How to find the north pole of a magnet
  • The speed sensor must be line-up correctly with the magnets – it have to cross center to center
  • If using more than one magnet, you need to make sure that there is the exact same distance between each magnet
  • The speed sensor must be 1mm to 2mm close to magnets in order to have a reading
  • Were you able to calibrate the meter? If the meter has not been set-up you will not see anything on the screen.
  •  If calibration was done, please make sure that the tire circumference was calculated as per instructions. Also, the number of pulse entered must correspond to the number of magnets installed on the wheel

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