How to test a Speed Sensor

  1. You must calibrate your meter to 2 000 mm wheel circumference and P1. This is only for test purpose.
    If you don’t know how to enter calibration mode, refer to your meter’s instructions here.
  2. Define your speed sensor type.
    Touch the tip of the sensor with a metal piece.
    Active speed sensor : the metal piece will stick to the sensor because the active speed sensors are magnetic.
    Passive speed sensor : the metal piece will not stick to it.
  3. Now you can proceed with the test :
    Active speed sensor : gently rub any metal piece on the tip of the speed sensor.
    Passive speed sensor : gently rub the north pole of a magnet on the tip of the speed sensor. (to find the north pole of a magnet, refer to the FAQ: here)
  4. Results :
    If the speed sensor functions properly, you will see some random numbers on the screen of the meter.
    If speed does not show up, this could indicate a defect sensor.  In this case, pls call our tech support line 450-359-0604.


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