Are Koso meters universal?

All of our products are “universal”, which means they can fit almost any application on the market, except for those that uses the CANBUS system.

How to know if your motorcycle uses the CANBUS system? Unplug your OEM meter and try to start your motorcycle.

  • If the engine starts and you can run the motorcycle without the OEM meter, then it is not using the CANBUS system, which means any of our meters will work on your bike.
  • If the motorcycle does not start without the OEM meter plugged-in, this indicates that it does use the CANBUS system, therefore, our meters will not function on your bike.

Each Koso unit is supplied with the brackets, wires and sensors that you will need for the installation. In order to install our gauges properly, you will need to have the wiring diagram of your application to be able to match our wires with your harness.  If you want to know how our gauges are wired, take a look on our website, you will be able to find instructions for each gauge so you will know in advance how to be prepared.

For more information about the CANBUS system call your local dealer.
For more information about the compatibility of the Koso meters, please call our technical support line by dialing 450-359-0604.

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