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The new Aurora fog lights are available !

When it comes to riding motorcycle, security should definitely be a priority.  This is why the use of fog lights is a must for seeing and being seen under bad weather conditions. Lightweight, easy to install and adjustable, our Koso quality Aurora fog lights will complement your ride. * DOT & ECE compliant. Visit the […]

The new Titan heated grips are available !

Our new Titan heated grips are perfect to warm you up with their 5 level heating function on your custom bike or cruiser. The external controller with a 5 color LED display will enhance the visual look of these heated grips and will allow you to quickly know in which heat level the grips are set. It […]

The new X1 Smartphone Bracket is available !

The new X1 smartphone bracket is the most well thought-out and easy to use accessory on the market. It has a mechanical style and is designed to adjust multiple ways, such as; length, height, depth and width, which makes this bracket suitable for any smartphone even those with thick cases. Easy adjustable screws, located on […]

The new USB Adaptors are available !

Technology and the devices we use in today’s world follow us everywhere we go. Our new Universal USB Adaptor and our new plug & play USB Adaptor exclusively for Harley-Davidson® now provide you with the possibility of charging those precious devices while riding. Whether it’s a GPS, cellphone or any other small electronical device, our […]

The new DB-01RN Multifunction meter

Our new DB-01RN Multifunction meter will look perfect on your sports bike, street fighter or dual‑sports motorcycle. Its large screen and sleek design shape will give your motorcycle a unique look. Want something different? Set your motorcycle apart with the Koso DB‑01RN meter. Visit the DB-01RN Multifunction meter page for more information.

The new Thunderbolt LED Headlight

A brighter headlight means more security, this is the reason why Koso decided to release its new Thunderbolt LED headlight. This headlight features a lightweight but durable aluminium housing and is one of the only headlights on the market today to be produced using CNC technology. This headlight is universal meaning it can fit virtually […]

The Yamaha Bolt meter is available!

Yamaha Bolt enthusiasts can now customize their motorcycle with our high quality plug & play new Yamaha Bolt meter. It is equipped with a 7 color changeable LCD display and also uses a strong stepper motor that provides a precise and fast RPM reading so that you can get in time information. Some of the great functions the […]