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                       Heated grips (for twist throttle)
Also available in an assortment of sizes for motorcycles as well as ATV’s and snowmobiles, these 5 level heated grips feature an external controller with
5 levels of heat to choose from. The controller features simply one button to rotate through temperature levels and 5 LED lights to indicate which level of temperature is in use.
The 5 level heated grips also feature a “low voltage cut off protection”,
this system will automatically detect the voltage of your machine and automatically shut off the heated grips if the voltage happens to fall under 12V.
 5 Level
Fits L: 7/8” ̶ R: 1” handlebar AM10706G
Fits L: 1” ̶ R: 1  1/8” handlebar Specifications
5 level temperature controller allows you to adjust the temperature to desired comfort level
“Short circuit protection” and “low battery cut off protection”
Rubber material that is resistant to outdoor conditions and high temperatures
Internal memory that allows the grips to stay at last warmth level
Thin and flexible silicone wires make them easy to install
                 5 1/16’’ (130 mm)
(25.4 mm)

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