New catalog

Brand New Catalog

Our Brand NEW Catalog

Here are some features that needed to be addressed before coming out with our new vision for the catalog:

NEW – Dynamic Artwork

We took the time and effort to reshoot our products. This way, we can now have the same photo dynamic, light, and orientation for all photos.

NEW – Modern & Clean Layout

Our attention to detail is what drove us to revamp the layout of the product page. The focus on the product has been reinforced by the dynamic artwork. We have also reorganized the information in appropriate sections. More details are always available on our website.

NEW – Innovative products

Koso is always bringing new technologies and innovative ideas to real life products. These products are what drives us to stay on top of the game.


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NEW | How to install MX-1 heated grips

Installing our MX-1 heated grips

Our MX-1 heated grips are designed specifically to fit most dirt bikes and snow bikes and offer comfort while riding in cold weather. Check out this new install video as we cover the basics steps to install the grips in our case on a Yahama dirt bike converted to a snow bike. They will easily fit other major brand like Honda, Suzuki, Kawasaki and KTM.