Koso North America

KOSO, a synonym for quality and performance has been operating for more than 30 years . Designing and manufacturing high quality products, KOSO is well known in the motorcycle, snowmobile, ATV and scooter industries. KOSO’s good reputation for reliability and innovation capability helped make KOSO a source for many major OEM companies.

Whether KOSO manufactures a product under private label, OEM or aftermarket, the quality will always remain top priority. Bringing new technology and innovation is a big part of KOSO’s philosophy as well as continuing to push the limit further.

New Catalog

Our Brand NEW Catalog

Here are some features that needed to be addressed before coming out with our new vision for the catalog: NEW – Dynamic Artwork We took the time and effort to reshoot our products. This way, we can now have the same photo dynamic, light, and orientation for all photos. NEW – Modern & Clean Layout […]

New Product – Mini4 IFR

Infrared tire temperature meter with sensor 💥New💥The infrared tire temperature meter by Koso has been designed to provide critical tire surface temperature readings. This device is a great tool for monitoring your tire temperature and manage your next session/race for a better tire wear. Visit the Mini4 IFR page for more information.

Be the Koso Star of the week!

Are you proud of your ride and have a Koso product on it? Motorcycle, ATV, Golf cart, Snowmobile or Boat… we want to see it! Send us pictures of your ride with Koso products installed on it and you’ll get 10% off on your next Koso purchase directly on our website. Send us your photos […]

Replacing your stock mirrors

TT-Style mirrors Riding a bike requires looking behind, why not do it in style. The TT style mirrors offer different possibilities to suit your taste. Matte black, silver, carbon look just to name a few. #kosonorthamerica #loodbehing #ridingmotorcycle #motorcyclemirrors #bluelens #clearlens #carbonmirrors #blackmirrors #matteblackmirrors Visit the TT-Style mirrors page for more information.